How do you connect Nuage Hardware without the I/O Interface?

If you already have an acceptable audio interface and you want to use Nuage Hardware to control Nuendo, how do you set it up?

With the network connection…

on page 10 are sample systems shown… no audio connection involved :wink:

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We are using a DAD in one studio and a Yamaha MMP1 in the other studio.
No problem at all.
Nuage “talks” to Nuendo, the I/O is not a vital, integrated part of Nuage.



Keyplayer, have you seen this?
Nuendo/Cubase users on Facebook. Nuage systems for a very-very-very good price.

Yes, I saw that. I’d rather buy in the U.S. in case of problems. It was a great price though. I’ve seen 2 similar bargains over here before. So I’m hoping that a similar one will return.

link not available anymore. from where Was the offer (europe)? and how much was it?

The offer was from Singapore ($22,500 for 1 Master, 2 Faders & I/O Module).

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tnks for the Info