how do you convert midi track to audio ?

I have a midi track that I want to convert to an audio track.
How is this done?

Export Audio Mixdown

Tried that. It looks like it goes thru the motions, but the final audio track shows no
waveform - just a flat line. I get no audio after exporting to audio mixdown.

Make sure the locators are correct and that you have the correct ports selected in the Export window. Try realtime.

I’ve tried everything, but obviously still missing something.
Here’s my process:

  1. I have a MIDI track with 4 measures of music. In set to ALL, Out set to my sound card.
    This plays back properly. The locators are set at beginning and at the end of meas. 4
  2. I go to File/Export and choose “Audio Mixdown”
  3. I make the following choices: Name/Path/ and Wave File AudioEngineOut: 44.1 24bit, real-time export
    Under Import into Project I check Pool and Audio Track
  4. I hit the Export button, and the recording starts, runs through the four measures, (which I can hear)
    As this happens, I see the time-lapse indicator follow from left to right. No indication of any kind that
    anything went wrong.

But when I look at the resulting new audio track that has appeared in my project, it flat-lined… Nothing.

Screenshot of the Export window.

Just a dumb suggestion, but others (and probably me) have done this before: The locators aren’t reversed, are they?

Looking forward to seeing a screen shot of the export window, and maybe of your project window as well.

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Thanks. The locators were set up correctly.
I’ll try to include a screen shot tomorrow.

OK, from thinking about what you wrote, I wonder if there is a step you might have missed, hub?

To make an audio file from a MIDI track(s), you have to send the MIDI data to a synth which generates audio, then record that audio back into Cubase on an AUDIO track.

My synth happens to be external (a Yamaha keyboard), so what I do is:

  1. Set my MIDI track output to be my keyboard
  2. Route the audio output from my keyboard to an audio track in Cubase.
  3. Arm that audio track to record.
  4. Hit play on Cubase transport.

So the MIDI track routes MIDI information to the synth, which routes AUDIO information to Cubase, which records that on an Audio track.

Is that maybe what you wanted to do, or am I way off base?

The process you are describing in your initial posts is, I believe, how to mixdown an audio track to a CD, or something similar. That comes AFTER you route your music as MIDI to a synth, which routes it back to Cubase as audio.

Now, I’ve only got SX3, so maybe it’s different in Cubase 6 …?

It sounds like you don’t have any actual Audio Instruments. You can’t just convert MIDI to Audio. You can record MIDI playback from Cubase using another recording software, etc.

So press F11 call out the VST window and apply some VST such as Halion 1 or better Kontakt. Find some sample bank and make sure your MIDI channel out is set to the VST. Now you can export audio.

My MIDI track is playing my sound module (Roland XV3080). I want to use that particular sound
and convert it to an audio track. Somehow, it seems to me, that the signal from the MIDI track
is not going into the audio track, no matter which method I try… 1. Export/Audio Mixdown or
2. Creating an audio track, directing the outs as you suggest, arming it, and recording it.
EITHER method still goes thru the motions as if it’s recording, but I get nothing in my resulting
audio track.

If you’ve done the step in red, above, you have already “converted your MIDI track to audio”!!

To be sure it’s gone well:

  1. Do you see waveforms in the audio track? And key: if you mute the MIDI track, do you hear the audio when you play back your four bars?

  2. Assuming the answer is yes, above (if it’s not, post back here), you’ve done your job - “converting MIDI to audio”!

The steps you described later are for getting that audio file prepared for burning onto a CD, etc. That’s a different task, and if you’re having problems with that, someone here will help with that as well - that screenshot you talked about posting would be very helpful.

Good luck!

After recording the MIDI track, the resulting audio track produces nothing. Like I said,
the process goes thru the motions, I hear it, I see it, it asks me where to save it… ALL of that.
But when I look at the actual resulting audio track in my project, and play it back with the
original MIDI track muted, I get nothing.

Screen shot included

another screenshot…

I believe the problem is occurring before the mixdown jpg (the 1st one), I’d forget about that for the moment. The problem is that your synth (that you routed your MIDI to) isn’t being recorded, based on the flat line audio track, more related to the 2nd jpg.

Your synth: is it virtual or real? If virtual, can you show a screen shot of how you have its output routed to your Cubase track? If real, do you have audio cables from it going into Cubase “stereo in”? If real, do you have “activity” in the “audio in” main mixer in Cubase?

I know this can be frustrating, stick with it, trouble shoot it step-by-step, and you WILL be rendering your MIDI to audio!

Just curious…

Why is this in the “Cubase 5 and earlier” forum ?

Looks like 6 to me.

Oh ,well…carry on! (In BOTH threads even)

I had originally had the problem in Cubase 5, so I decided to try it in Cubase 6.
It didn’t matter. Still have the same problem in both… it was just more convenient
to send screenshots of Cubase 6, since I had it up and running at the moment. Thanks.

Things are looking promising. I’ve found the problem. My Focusrite sound card’s line inputs are
labeled 3 and 4, NOT 1 and 2, (as I had AssUMe…d). I added 3 and 4 in my set-up, and I’m now
getting an audio track.
THANK YOU ALEXIS for the encouraging words. I did stick with it, and was rewarded. Thanks!

Excellent, hubmus! You’re welcome, and happy tunes!