How do you create a Steinberg Online Shop account?

I am trying to purchase an update of Cubase 12 from Cubase 7.5 going to the shopping cart but there the above message appears:
Please note that your MySteinberg log-in details do not apply here. The Steinberg Online Shop and MySteinberg are managed separately and therefore require different log-in accounts.
If you already have login and password for the Steinberg Online Shop, please click here to sig
How do I create an account there? I can’t understand.
Where can I create an account for the purchase?
It’s really not clear

The Steinberg shop is maintained by a company named Asknet and requires a separate account. You can create a new account there when you try to checkout your shopping cart.

For registration and activation you need to use the mySteinberg account later.

I still don’t understand what needs to be done.
There is no cart at all on the ASKNET website.
Not sure how to proceed

  1. Press the Buy button on the Cubase page on the Steinberg Website
  2. Select the upgrade you want to buy
  3. add the upgrade to the shopping cart
  4. press the checkout button
  5. Follow the instructions to login or register

There is no registration button, there is only login

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