How do you create a synth patch

I am using Cubase LE 12 and not sure how to do this?

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What do you mean by the synth patch, please?

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It is for an exam RSL Rockschool in the UK. The brief says

Background of synthesis
 Context of synthesis within music production
 Key synthesisers
 Functions of a synthesiser
‐ Oscillators
‐ Envelope (ADSR)
‐ Modulation
‐ Pitch
 Creation of a synth patch

A synth patch/preset is a finished sound, for example a synth bass or synth pad. It sounds like they want you to make a custom sound.

In Cubase, any changes you apply to your VST Instruments are saved when you save your project. When you load that project again, the plug-ins you used will still be using the same settings.

You can also save your patch/preset for later use by clicking this button at the top of the VST Instrument window:


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To put it in even more general words: A patch stores the settings of all soundshaping parameters (oscillators, envelopes, etc.) so that you can recall a particular sound at the tip of a finger.
Some manufacturers call it patch, others say preset or program.

Way back in the 60’s and 70’s in order to recreate a sound on a synth you had to write down all settings on a piece of paper.

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Thanks everyone that has been really helpful. I think for the exam they just require before and after screenshots. You mention that when you open the project those settings will be saved but there will be no “visible” patch in the project folder? I guess that is why someone said show a before and after screen shot as the evidence.

That is the way it works in Cubase. settings of synths and effects get stored within the project file. However, you can always save your current synth settings in a dedicated file as a preset.

The concept of a project storing all settings is called “total recall” and is one of the major advantages of programs like Cubase compared to the world of analog gear. Basically we are all too lazy to store every patch for every synth and effect and the mix desk settings one by one, so Cubase needs to do that for us.