How do you decrease the number of bars in a project

Hey guys,

Quick question! How do you decrease the number of bars in a project?

Sometimes when I’ve been noodling away for hours I use retrospective record and it makes my project length really long. I cut what I don’t want but then I’m left with thousands of empty bars and it makes everything in the overview line tiny. I’ve tried ‘range - delete time’ but that only works to snuggle up events, it doesn’t decrease the number of bars in the project.

I’m sure there’s an easy way to do this!

Thanks folks!


Open Project Setup (Shift + S), and change the Length (this is in timecode).

Or just record longer data, the project length will extend automatically. Or copy/move the data to the position, you need to. The length will be extended all the time.

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haha oh man it was right under my nose, knew it would be some place! Thanks so much Martin!


You asked for decrease not increase, sorry.

But the answer is also in the Project Setup window. :slight_smile:

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Yeah no worries, you sent me to the right place, project length :smiley: