How do you disable direct monitoring in UR44C?

How do you disable direct monitoring in UR44C? I am recording on my ipad into Cubasis 3. I plug my guitar into input 1 and I hear the direct signal along with my amp sim at the same time. I am monitoring into Headphone 1.

In Cubase under Devices you activate or disable Direct Monitoring, not on the Hardware itself.
I asssume it is the same in Cubasis, but I do not know that version.

Err… and in Reaper or other programs? I need to turn down 4 knobs and get the balanced (3&4 need more gain, no way around) again each time?
Sry, why’s it that I upgrade from 22C (has input-vs-daw knob) to 44C (doesn’t have it) and now I need Steinberg software? Sorry if I misunderstood it, but looks like so.

Nm, I had ‘Monitor Input’ set to on in Reaper, sorry. It’s working now.

Solo the Daw channel in dspmix.