How do you drag drop samples from Groove Agent 5 to Cubase?

One of the new features and reasons I purchased Groove Agent 5 was so that I could

“Drag and drop to Cubase -
Drag samples or MIDI grooves from Groove Agent to Cubase”

As noted in the new features section:

After looking in the manual and searching around the interface, I’m no closer to figuring this out. Should be as simple as dragging a sample or pad to Cubase right? It’s not.

Am I missing something here? Appreciate any help with this. Thanks.

It is not possible to copy samples from the supplied library because they are copy-protected.

I’m not trying to copy from the supplied library, I’m using my own kits & samples.

Can anyone help with this? I’m looking for the fastest way to get a sample from a pad in Groove Agent 5 to the sampler track so that I can play it multipitched. I think Groove Agents multipitched system is fiddly & flawed. I’m used to the MPC method of hit a command and any sound plays chromatically [16 levels]. Programs like Maschine did this by default.

In GA5, we have to assign extra pitched notes per sound and then mute those pads if they overlap with other pads which already have samples assigned. Not very intuitive at all.

Hi 40W,

Simply draw or play and record the midi note of the sample you like on to a midi track, so for example if you like the kick on C1 draw or play and record in a C1 note and then drag it down onto the Sampler Track and you’re done! :wink:

Hope this helps?

Kind regards

James Colah