How do you erase automation of a plug in???

Please help, I need to erase the hurried automation i recorded onto a 303 plug in i have. I want to wipe it clean and re do the automation but can’t seem to figure it out. I have unclicked the ‘R’ so Cubase doesn’t not play the old automation but if i re record automation and then recheck the ‘R’, surely it would play BOTH sets of 303 knob twiddles i recorded?

right click the offending track on the track inspector and select “show used automation on selected track” from there you can edit or delete or mute the automation, i fink.

THANKYOU :smiley:

forgot to mention ,you can then right click and “hide automation on selected track” just in case you missed that, can get messy otherwise.

or: right click directly on automation track, delete track
or, for a few beats: range selector tool, delete
or, for complete erasing: format C:/