How Do You Fade In/out A MIDI/Instrument Track?

Hello, I am very new to this so forgive such a dumb question but can anyone tell me an easy way to fade in/out an individual MIDI/Instrument track using Cubase Artists?
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


the easiest way is to automate it’s fader in the mixer - this may not have any effect for some VSTis that don’t accept CC7 as their volume control, in which case I tend to automate their output volume.

Hello Danny…

I only do know the big version of Cubase but the way might be the same in “Artist”?

Very simple: supposing you created an “Instrument” track bearing midi and audio information. Click in the lower left corner of the track header, left below the track name. Then the track expands and gives sight to the first lane of track automation preconfigured to “Volume”. Activate /illuminate the “R” and “W” icons with a click and the middle line in the automation lane becomes active. Now click on this line and draw your wildest dreams…-)

I hope everything works the same for you…

You automate the instrument (audio) output channel…just like you’ve had to since automation has been around. Midi automation is really limited. You’ve always mixed the audio of midi sources…on an analog board…digital…don’t get wrapped up in the instrument being “virtual”. Signal flow hasn’t changed.

Is there a way to automate the Master Output Volume Level (so one automation for all midi tracks)?

Of course. Just the same way as any other track.

You could make a sub bus and route all the midi instruments to go to that bus then automate the bus.

I get it, you can fade out the master volume by automating the volume on the “Input/Output Channels” track folder.

Is there a way to fade out midi NOTEs individually?

eg, I have 3 notes in a chord, but release them at different times, but I want them each to fade softly rather than just abruptly cut off.

Use the sustain pedal CC.