How do you find the location of a Groove Agent sample?

Like many people here I have a gi-normous collection of .WAV file samples. If they’re at all percussive I tend to make make drum kits out of them by dropping them onto pads in Groove Agent. When I do that I usually rename the pads because screen/text real-estate is so confined on the pads, so the original file name is lost.

If I go back a few months later and want to figure out what .WAV file has the source sample used for that particular pad, how do I do it? (Remember, these are not proprietary VSTSound files that you have limited access to, they are good’ol .WAV files that exist somewhere in your file system - I just want to know where)

Thanks in advance.

  1. Click a pad.

  2. Click the Edit Tab.

  3. You can see the filename for samples in the editor. If there are a lot of layers of samples and names get clipped due to lack of space in the editor window you can hover the mouse over the layer tabs to see more.

  4. If you need to get the complete file path, click a layer to select it. Right click somewhere in the actual sample editing area and choose “Sample/Show in Explorerer”. This will open your OS File Explorer to the folder/directory containing the sample.

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Thanks!! Excellent tutorial!