How do you get the playing time of an audio clip?

I am currently working on a digitization project with 700 tapes. It is important to know how long an audio clip plays during editing here. This results in how many lectures must be on the tape.
Hundreds of things can be displayed in the status bar, but no playing time. The statistics don’t show any playing time either.
(A time ruler in seconds isn’t helpful for projects with 20 days playing time and clips playing 2 - 5 hours).

Am I missing something here, or is it really impossible to show the playing time of a clip in Nuendo? I need a number in hours, minutes, seconds without complicated calculations.

To show the playing time of an Audio Event in Nuendo:

Select the event, and observe its length in the Info Line.

Thank you.

But unfortunately the ** length ** in the info line shows the numbers of ** bars ** - not the playing time.
I know this method - you can’t do that 2400 times for 700 tapes aq 4 tracks. But the video is not correct either - you can set the timecode to zero at any time in the middle of the project and measure the time from there.
But since I have to do this a thousand times, I’m looking for a method to get the playing time in 3 seconds. Without calculator.

Of course, you can simply change the Primary Time Format.

Have you had a look at the beginning of the manual? Much of the basic info you’re asking about is laid out there.

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Yes, theoretically it works with the time ruler - but it is impractical.

I solved this with a macro:

  • The position indicator jumps to the beginning of the marked clip
  • sets the timecode to 0 at the beginning of the clip.
  • Lets the position indicator jump to the end of the clip.
    The timedisplay now shows the playing length in hours, minutes and seconds.

Regardless of the zoom, display section in one second.
Almost anything is possible with macros.

But I’m still a bit confused that there isn’t a ready-made info line for this.

You are trying to get the length of a clip that you have placed on a track in the project view, correct?

It’s not necessary to do all that, unless you want a length that does not correspond to the length of the clip (a partial, range selection)

Not sure if you are replying to me, but I suggested

One click. Have you done this?

Also you can set locators to selection, and see the length of the event in the transport (after activating that section)

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I see my mistake My time ruler is set to bars, so I don’t get hours, minutes, seconds.

In the picture you can see the number of bars as length.
Because of this I have to set the time ruler to seconds.
I thank you. If I hadn’t seen your picture, I wouldn’t have thought of changing the time ruler to seconds. That was the solution.
Thank you very much.