How do you guys get rid of old versions of Cubase?


I still have older versions of Cubase (even if they no longer work) on my hard drive
as far back as C5.

Now that C11 seems to be working so well, I figure it is time to get rid of all the old
‘Cubases’. (who’s on 1st?) :stuck_out_tongue:

Current procedure would be to just trash each app but before doing so
I wanted to check here and see if you guys have any
suggestions/experiences/tips/approaches in deleting old Cubase apps.

Of course I don’t wanna lose any important preference/key command etc type files.

Any thoughts?



I just removed all of it and installed 11 fresh. I removed 80 gigs somehow from cubase 6 till now.

CB5? Wow! My oldest is now 9.5 but going to remove that pretty soon.
I always keep like the last 3 or 4 versions versions installed. IMO the best way is to just ‘uninstall’ it from Apps & features. Because that way it will only remove the program and it’s settings and not content that may have been installed with earlier version but can still be used in later versions. So don’t manually delete directories unless you know exactly what you’re doing.

I’m not sure to be honest…

But, can I come and join you on the side of a volcano in the Pacific? :wink::crossed_fingers:

From cold, damp and locked down UK :scream::worried:

Just clone your drive to an old one as a backup, then delete…