How do you increase font size / zoom GUI?

As of Cubase 13 everything has gotten even more microscopical on a 4K screen, making it really hard to even work without constantly having to use a Zoom feature for accessibility.

How does one increase the font size or GUI size in Cubase 13? I cannot find an option for the love of it. In a world where men can be women and discrimination is frowned upon one would sure think a lack of accessibility is no longer an issue for a software I paid a lot of money for.



Are you on Windows or Mac? Set the HiDPI settings, please.

The only thing you can do is use cubase Application scaling but this will enlarge all of the cubase visuals. There isnt a way to just scale up the menu text. IMO steinberg has a lot more work to do with the GUI on windows and part of that is the menu scaling on HiDPI monitors.

Hope this helps.


Try this:

I agree. Some texts are a struggle to read, especially with the grey-on-black controls. Its a pity there’s no font size options in Preferences > User Interface.


Came here after looking it up specifically, just to say - it’s unusable for me on my screen (and my eyes). Please add this in the upcoming minor versions, I cant use it. Going to use Bitwig until it gets fixed

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Yikes!! I’m coming back to Cubase from Cubase 7.5 (last version I used). Holy Moly, the text has shrunk. And I see they’ve gone to the “impossible to differentiate” school of visuals with the buttons. I’ve seen images of Cubase 12 interface and that looked much easier to “see”, as it were.

And, I sure hope I can adjust the colors enough to avoid what looks like “contrast blindness”.

Not meaning to start anything, but man, this interface looks like it’s gone in the wrong direction to me.


gets blurry on 1440p if the contrast is to high in cubase


I think this issue is really unfortunate.

HiDPI in Cubase is really useful

“But it is very disappointing that there are only +25 +50 options.
Detailed settings such as +10 "+20 +30 are required!

I tried using Windows’ magnification function to solve this problem, but
For example, even if i adjust the window to 110%, there is no change in Cubase.
However, when I set it to 125%, only then does it become the same as HiDPI +25% in 100% Windows.

This is quite a strange setting and doesn’t actually help the user much.

For reference, I explained Windows
In the case of Macs being used simultaneously. I think it is significantly more readable than Windows and has reasonably readable font sizes on a reasonably wide screen without any complaints.

“I wish Steinberg would make HiDPI settings in Windows more granular.”

it is good way. but it have only +25 +50 options.
It really required +10 +20 +30 +40 +50 Options i think :slight_smile:

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I just posted a message about this on a separate forum for Ableton Live 12 beta. I think every company needs to start figuring this out.

its not scale good if its not vector based, and Cubase is not that fully maby later

wow Thanks you mr :slight_smile:
Yes…i wish this problem can fixed for everyone.

Because we are living in Big Monitor generations!

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I agree with you too

From the user’s perspective, it is okay if all GUIs are vector-based for scale.

But. I think it would be resolved if at " least it was possible to change the font size within the program"

In my personal opinion, Cubase’s GUI has been around for about 25 years, and new users will quickly get used to it (of course, the colorful play is really tiring on the eyes).

When using a 4K monitor, I think that the small font size inside Cubase is the best wall!


The Wall of death to my eyes and brain. I realy want to buy 2 4K monitors that can handle vector modeling good thats my sweetspot. But waiting and waiting hehe.

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Yes! too exatly agree, my friend :slight_smile:

I just buying One more 4k Monitor now.
But this is another wall for Musician like us.
this wall is problem that how 2 monitor stacking monitor without sound cancleling

So my conclusion is 2 QHD 27~32 monitor is great for us.
1 for mixers 1for project.

As you know 0.27 dot pictch will good for our eyes and brain :slight_smile:

but i still hope that Steingberg can Fixing this issue for us!