How do you integrate an external FX unit?

Hi everybody,

I got an external hardware reverb unit, MX 400 by Lexicon. How do I integrate it into cubase’s project page so that I can send some audio channels to it as a bus? Please be specific in your answers as I’m a bit new!

Many thanks!!

In the vst connections (tab external/FX) you can setup external hardware, be sure you have enough inputs and outputs on your soundcard as physical connection is a must for connecting ext hardware.

Thank you! Yes the unit is connected via TRS leads to my converter, it was just a matter of knowing how to set it up in cubase! I’ll try that’s you kindly suggested. Many thx appreciate it!

Ok I connected the reverb unit but the effect is only coming from the LEFT speaker! Why?

Here is the internal bussing connection, attached pic.

What kind of send buss are you using ? Can you also monitor the busses to see if LR channels are received and sent? Your Lexicon could also be configured as a 2 mono device.

Aren’t there left/right led in and out meters on the MX??

Would obviously be helpful to know whether the signal is already one channel only at the hardware.

no just the left led lights up

Problem solved! It was a slightly loose connection on the patchbay, very sorry, and thank you so much for the help everyone!
Really appreciate the helpful community here.