How do you left click on a Mac?

I’m new to Cubase, and I’m on OS X. Right click equivalent on Mac seems to be Control Click. But I haven’t been able to find the OS X equivalent for Left Click?

Anybody know what that is?


Left click is just a click. Or tap. What kind of mouse do you use? You can use any common mouse, then you also have common left- and right-clicks.

If you’re using a standard Magic Mouse it’s the same as a PC - it just looks as if there’s no separate click for left and right. But there is, the mouse rocks imperceptibly from side to side. So, click with your right forefinger (on the left of the mouse) and it’s a left click. Click with your right second finger (on the right of the mouse) and it’s a right click. A lot of people moving from PC to Mac get this - assuming the mouse only has one click. But it’s exactly the same as a PC. Left and right, even though you can’t actually see two separate buttons.

Aha, interesting! I actually use a trackpad… I wonder if that left/right idea is the same there?

I use a magic trackpad (ie, Apple’s) and I use a two finger click to get a right click; this is different than a two finger swipe which is a scroll up or down depending on which way you move your fingers.