How do you load Steinberg VST classics or any VST instruments into free Halion Sonic SE3?

I have the free version of Steinberg Halion Sonic SE 3 running no problem. Because it’s the free version, not attached to any paid Cubase it comes with no sounds. So at first I tried to download some of Steinbergs free sounds, like the LoFi Piano from here:

Virtual Instruments & Sample Libraries | Steinberg (search on Free and scroll down)

It’ll ask you to sign in and then will send you an email with a code and a download link. But when I downloaded (for PC) it just sent me a file of Steinberg Library manager, not the usual .dll one would expect for a vst plugin… what’s up?

Then I went to Stenberg’s Vst classics here:

And downloaded the Vol 1 with the bass and minimoog. Installing the ,msi file installed the .dll’s to a folder in a path under the Steinberg folder in Program Files


Halion Sonic SE isn’t a VST host. You need DAW software such as Steinberg’s Cubase to load these plug-ins. I see that you’re already using Cubase Elements. The “VST Classics” plug-ins should appear in your list of VST plug-ins when adding an Instrument Track.

Halion Sonic SE is able to load sample libraries made for it, such as free LoFi Piano library you downloaded. Here’s how you can apply a filter to only show presets from that library:

Additionally, Cubase includes some free content for Halion Sonic SE which should also appear in this window if you installed it.