How do you make Automation lines go diagonal and not choppy vertically?

I am trying to draw in the mod wheel automation in my track and it only allow horizontal or vertical straight lines. I cannot make two nodes go diagonal for a smooth incline.


Because there are only so many steps and the presentation is honest, maybe? I mean even if the line was smooth it would be in steps.
Edit: Forget it, I have no idea, midi s not my thing lol

Yes, that is true, but in practicality, the deep sampled libraries have solved this so you don’t hear the dynamics in steps. (LASS, Spitfire, Hollywood String)

So how do you draw a incline like this?

and not get this?

Thanks in advance!

I have no idea, when I do the same thing you do (draw modulation) I get it in steps too…

Use the line tool. Ultimately though, you’re limited to the resolution of midi.

P.S. That’s not automation.

No wait, when using the pen I can do what you did no problem…
And with bezier curves too.

Ah, ok, thanks! That works.

Although, it would be nice to be able to do it without a tool. I mean that’s two more clicks in your work flow to go to Line tool then back to your Pointer.

Yes, sorry, I couldn’t come up with the right term, but technically it is drawing an automation for the mod wheel, but I get you you are saying.

Awesome, thanks!

But I was incorrect when I said “Automation”, because I want to do it in the MIDI Key Edit pane. I just don’t know what the correct term is for drawing in the Mod Wheel.

But the Automation drawing works great as you demonstrated, thanks.

Just would be nice to draw by clicking in nodes with the pointer and dragging them wherever you want and not have to click to a Tool and back. Im seeing now Cubase has a lot of click and time wasters…

Perfect, thanks!

It would be more efficient though if we didn’t have to rely on so many tools when all we need to do is click to set a node and drag it.