How do you make notes hold in cubase?

Hey! I’m a new user of cubase and this issue is getting really, really frustrating for me.
How do you make it so that midi notes are held down? For example if you press a key on a piano instead of holding it, that’s what the notes sound like on cubase but I want to make it so they sound like they are held down, so they go continuously onto the next note.

Thanks for your help, Tommy.

There’s a few things you could be talking about here. :slight_smile:

Do you mean sustain? If you’re wanting this while playing live then then you’re best to buy a sustain pedal for whatever MIDI controller you’re using. You tap a note and it will hold until you release the pedal.

You can draw in sustain pedal controller messages into the MIDI editor too though. They’re just off/on messages.

However, there’s also ‘Legato’, which is when the notes are held and released, Cubase can automatically generate this from the MIDI notes recorded, as this:


If you’re talking about synthesier style sounds then you can also adjust the ‘amp envelope’ so that it has a longer release time.

Cubase can just send the information to the instrument when a note is supposed to start and when it is supposed to stop. You do this by setting the start and end position of a note e.g. in the Key Editor.
Everything else is up to the instrument that you use to create the actual sound. When @skijumptoes mentions Sustain, it is up to the instrument to support a sustain information and to hold the sound. There are plenty of VSTis that don’t support sustain.
When the release time of the amplifier is mentioned it is again something that needs to be set up in the instrument itself, not in Cubase. (Might be confusing if you work with VSTis as they are running within Cubase but I differentiate between the plugin and Cubase without the plugin.)

Just nitpicking, but Sustain is actually a Continuous Controller. Most sustain pedals on digital pianos for example take advantage of this to let you achieve half sustain as you can on an acoustic piano.