How do you make the track names in the mix console display 2 lines....?

How do you make the track names in the mix console display 2 lines…? Like in the pic on the Sound on Sound review, would make my workflow a lot easier, but I cannot work it out…

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

Bump, just on the off chance…

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Good spot


I’m also having this problem. It appears to be an issue with Cubase and Windows 10 as I didn’t have this problem on my old Windows 7 rig. I think Steinberg is aware of this but you may want to raise it in the “Issues” section anyway so they can see it’s still a problem many people are having and it may bump up its priority on their “things to fix in cubase” list. If it’s not fixed in a couple more updates then I’ll raise the issue myself as well.

Yes, it’s Windows 10…was the same in 9.5 (maybe 9 too). Track names wrap nicely in Windows 7. I think it was acknowledged as an issue (in the previous version) but can’t find where.

I’m on Windows 7 64 bit.

Watch the channel titled "Instrument to F6 " The full track name is “Instruments to F6 Vocals”
Attached is the behavior when you reduce channel width. Note that the “f6 Vocalas” part goes to the 2nd line when compressed. Then increase channel width. and it goes back to 1 line.

So…this similar behavior doesn’t exist with Windows 10?

That’s correct. Reducing or increasing the channel width does not cause the track name to wrap to 2 lines or back to 1 line on Windows 10. It always remains 1 line no matter what you do.

No as Dave says, it doesn’t. I have both Win 7 and Win 10 systems so i know the different behaviour wel. Sadly my main DAW is on Win 10 where i don’t get the wrapping.

Thank you, and that’s good to know.

Maybe some day I will find a reason to run Cubase under Windows 10.

No worries.

For me it was the systems. The one that I have Win 10 on runs better on Windows 10 so little things like the non-wrapping I put up with but my (older) Win 7 system din’t work with Windows 10 at all.

I’ve created a bug report about this here.

I’d like this behaviour back. I did bring it up on here some time back. I always thought it was the newer version of Cubase not Windows related.

This has to be brought back!!!


It was fixed in, I think, the initial 10.5 release but then broke with one of the updates.

+1, we need it back!!