How Do You Mixdown Midi VSTs with MR816X in Cubase 6?

I recently switched from my Creative X-Fi soundcard to the MR816X. I am very happy with the hardware, except for one thing. With my Creative card (which I still have installed), when I need to mixdown VST played from MIDI tracks to individual audio tracks, all I had to do was go into “VST Connections” and change the input bus from my auxillary inputs to the “Mix L &R” inputs. However, with the MR816X there is no option other than the Analog 1-8 channels (and the corresponding digital channels). How do I choose a “what-you hear” option so I can solo my MIDI track and mix down to audio without having to do an export audio, which would be several extra steps, and would become nerve-wracking when repeated for many tracks.

I use many instruments loaded into Kontakt, each assigned to a separate MIDI channel, so freezing the VST will not work. I need to be able to solo a MIDI track and record it down to an audio track. Without exporting. It’s easily done with Creative. Is there some simple routing option I’m missing here?

Software: Windows 7 Home (64 bit), Cubase 6.0.5 (64 bit), Kontakt 5, Various libraries made for Kontakt

Hardware: AMD Athalon XII 250 3 Ghz CPU, 16GB Memory, Steinberg/Yamaha MR816X

as far as i know you cant mixdown(record) your “mix” output inside the computer/software.
only phisiclly connect wire from MR output(main mix for example) to MR input and then record to Audio channel in your DAW better do it digitaly to avoid uncacery convertions.
in your case u can export(bounce) the vsti channels as regular with your daw.
the problems appears even more when u have external devices connected and you want record all of them togheter in one shut.

mr816 is good sounding with nice features too but unfurtentlly lackes some basic flexibility features u can find in even older cheap sound cards.