How do you name cycle markers?

Hi, I just started using Nuendo.

I searched the Steinberg.Help page and searched on Google but can’t find any information on how to name (or rename) cycle markers. You aren’t asked to name a cycle marker when you create it. So I thought it would be as easy as double-clicking the cycle marker (the blueish/grey “banner” between the cycle marker’s beginning and end handles) but no such luck. I also tried opening the Markers window - this window lists my cycle markers but there is no “name” column, which seems odd.

In the Export Audio Mixdown window you can clearly see that cycle markers are supposed to have names. There seems to be no way to change the cycle marker names in this window either (see the attached screenshot).

Thankful for any help!

Hi Simon,

click on your cycle marker, and you can fill in a name in the left top hand corner at ‘description’. Or you can open de Marker Window (Ctrl + M) and fill in the name there at ‘description’.

I have added a screenshot to clarify. Hope it helps!

What you want to change is the Description, not the Name (although it makes no sense, that it is called “name” in the export window. What you will see there is the description, also.

You have two ways:

Name it in the Info Line
Bildschirmfoto 2017-08-02 um 10.17.39.png
Name it in the Markers Window

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The good thing is, you tried to help!

Thank you so much - both of you - for your help!

As it turns out - naming cycle markers is rather unintuitive in Nuendo, as the software uses different terminology for the same thing in different menues, and that “description” text box which isn’t even visible until you click it… Needless to say, this could use some work from Steinberg’s end, in terms of consistent terminology and GUI user-friendliness.

But that’s not your fault. Again - thanks for helping out!

i have a keycommand setup for this.

p sets markers to selected regions, alt-p then creates a marker track, opens the marker window and has the cursor at the description ready to type the marker name. i use it a hundred times a day.

the function is marker - insert marker and cycle name