How do you play audio from cubase so that it comes out from your phone ?

I am using a Focusrite audio device and it if I connect my phone to the outs, it doesn’t work ?

What does not work? The phone does not play back the focusrite ˋs outputs via its built in loudspeakers? Or to a person in a call? Quite certainly, the first one will not work unless you record the signal and play it back, or maybe with an app. What cable do you use to connect the outputs to what inputs on your phone…?

Hi, we had this discussion before.
apparently the only way to do that is by using the VST Connect app on your phone.
But that app was not working properly:

I use Audiomovers plugin for this:
Plays back with 100ms delay on any online device. Great for checking your mix on different playback sources in real-time while mixing.

Yea the phone does not play back the FR outputs via it’s speakers. I’ve tried various connections. But mainly cables with a 1/4 inch plugged into the back of the Focusrite straight into the iPhone. (Lightening yo 3.5 mm adapter used )

100 dollars a year ? Hmm

Thanks. It’s a shame the steinberg app is not working