How do you protect your dongle?


elicenser usb that is

Ive only started using it today and its not going to last 5 mins sticking out of my laptop.

Has anyone got any clever ideas to stop it snapping/getting knocked all the time?

Im thinking one of these and some duct tape might do the trick…

Not very clever, but an extension cable would be a good idea, so that it’s not rigid when something hits it. And why not, wrap it in some electrical tape- leaving a gap so you can see the light inside.

I use a USB extension cable. Simple, economical, effective.

PS - If you want to get fancy, buy a plastic soap box* at the dollar store. Put the dongle inside and make a groove in both sides, so the extension cable can pass through. Snap it shut and breath easier.

*piccie attached

heh. swamptone and I posted at the same time.

Aloha guys

Since I use Cubase in a live situation each weekend, I do both.

USB Extension cable and gaffers tape and as Steve posted, leave a lil gap
in the tape so you can make sure it is properly plugged in and working.

Good Luck!

Most laptops have extra USB ports inside somewhere that are not brought out to connectors (the trick is to find them of course) but I once soldered a spare USB eLicenser inside one, and after I had checked that everything was still working, that I could load the eLicenser software and have it see the “internal” eLicenser etc., I then plugged in my original eLicenser and transferred the license across to the internal one.

Right on M. Nice, very nice.

A while ago I posted a question asking if this could be done and no one was sure.
Now I know that in certain situations it can be done. Mahalo for that.

With studio gear, I have no prob with the dongle but for my live gear I would love to be able to do what you did .

Hey Steiny, how about building on MrSoundman’s work
and think about selling a version of laptops (and/or desktops) with Cubase and dongles pre installed. Ha!

(I know that ain’t never gonna happen because one of the main upsides with the current model
is that a user can use the same dongle on many different computers; but a kool thought for sure). :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’m shocked no one has said “condom.” :mrgreen:

Hi all,

I have had the same dongle for nearly 4 years now with no problems although I do have a back up “just in case”!
About a week ago I removed the dongle from my laptop and the 2 halves separated…just like that!!!
I hadn’t dropped it, banged it against anything…nothing, it just separated!
I glued it back together and, once the superglue was dry, I wrapped it in clear sellotape.
I would suggest that a simple pre-emptive wrap in clear tape is a simple fix for future issues.

Jim B

I wrap mine in clear tape with my name, phone number and email address on a piece of paper under the tape. Hopefully if I lose it, someone will be kind enough to call or email me to to return it.

Modern laptops have a limited number of USB ports, if any … it’s about time Steinberg offered some alternatives, for example, how about a BLE (Bluetooth low energy) “wearable” eLicenser … strap it on like a wristwatch or wear it around your neck with a lanyard, and as long as it’s in the vicinity of the paired computer, Steinberg products will work?

Well, no, but heat-shrink tubing would be a possibility.

I drilled out a cavity inside of a Nerf football and put mine in there… :laughing:
(My USB Dongle, that is… :confused: )

Armed Guards, a Moat full of sharks, tripwires, portcullis, quicksand,etc, etc

I like the thinking! :sunglasses:

I keep mine in my pants… :laughing:

Useful information, everyone. Thank you.
I, for example, dont do live(maybe one day), so my Steinberg dongle is always plugged to the desktop workstation. I just hope I dont shortening its lifespan.


hahaha :laughing:

I went with the right angle usb plug and gaffa tape option. So far so good.

Looks v ugly though.

I have two of them, each are wrapped in few turns of double-sided tape (much like scotch tape but thicker and more elastic, and on top of that is one layer of shipping tape. Seems to do the trick, but also ugly. But then, who’s looking, and if they are, they have dongle envy :laughing:

Mine is just in the back of the workstation which doesn’t go out to play for now, but thanks for the excellent suggestions.

Getting extension cable tomorrow.