How do you record your vocals?

I am thinking about making a mixdown of the melody, create a new clean project, import the mixdown and record the vocals. Afterwards I want to import the vocal tracks into the original project and start cutting and mixing. How would you do it?

For whatever reason you want to take the extra step, here’s how I would do it:

  1. export the song + import the mix directly back into the project
  2. select all tracks but the imported mix + delete them
  3. save to a new folder (remove unused files)
  4. record in that new small project
  5. when done, either export a track archive of your vocal tracks or simply use the ‘load tracks from other project’-thing

This way definately everything stays in place. No need to think about placement etc.

If your approach to record vocals in a different project is for better overview/less distraction etc. you can just use the visibilty functions, you can hide any track(s).

I keep everything with the project all the way through. But at various stages of the process I use Save As to give the project a new name. And I also move the stuff I don’t need into a Folder called “holding zone” that I normally don’t have visible.

So for example if I have a project called “Song.cpr” where I’ll record all the backing tracks. Then when I’m ready to do vocals I save it as “Song - Vocal Tracking.cpr” where I record multiple takes of all the vocals. When that’s done I save it as “Song - Vocals.cpr.” In this version I’ll comp the vocals and move all the non-comped vocals into the “holding zone” folder. Then I’m ready to add more tracks or mix as appropriate.

The advantage to me of the multiple projects is that if I ever need/want to move back to a specific point in the process it is easy to do (In reality I may have more project versions at various stages than in my example). The advantage of the hidden “holding zone” folder is, out of sight out of mind, but still easily accessible later if needed. In the example only the vocals ended up in the folder, but other stuff also ends up there. Say on the backing tracks I tried an organ that didn’t work, I’ll disable the track and move it to the folder. Then later if I make the dubious choice that the organ part would sound great on bagpipes… (OK, that ain’t gonna really happen). Basically when I’m done the last version of the project file will have everything ever associated with the project, even though much of it might be unused, disabled and hidden in the “holding zone.”

That’s how I do it. My folder is called Edits and I have a macro set that shows me all tracks but closes the Edits folder. That way it’s easier keeping track of what IS there, what WAS there, what options are left. I also put the root tracks of any RIP bounces there, just in case I need to revisit anything as sonic contexts evolve over the mixing process. Very handy to have it all in place but out of sight at the same time.