How do you remove first beat accent on click track?

Hi guys, I HAVE to remove the first beat accent on click track, so that all the clicks are the same. How do you do that? Thanks in advance!

It should be pretty obvious if you open the metronome setup…without looking I believe you need to adjust the high click (which is the first one) to match the low click (the rest)


Open Transport menu > Metronome Setup. On the right side, you can set the Volume and the Pitxh of the Audio Click Sound (I guess, you are using Audio click). Set the same Value of the accent beat, as it is for other beats, here.

Thank you guys. I tried all combinations, but one beat (the first) will never sound exactly the same as the others. I want a regular click track without accents with all beats being the same in sound and pitch.

If anyone can help, even with a screenshot, that would be fantastic.
Thanks in advance.

I just opened metronome setup and moved the hi slider all the way left and my metronome blips are all the same.

Note that it’s very easy to convince yourself they sound different if you can see the timeline or even if you start (subconsciously) counting the beats so try starting off the bar as well.

Or another solution would be to use 1/4 or 1/8 as a metronome. So it would always play just the accent beat. :wink:

But I totally agree with Grim. It is possible to set them to them very same sound.

cant see the problem however make your own ct…
midi sidestick … drum edit … bingo