how do you remove the Halion Trial Content

So I had used the trial upgrade, dumped it…including removing the trial FST files, then like an idiot I decided to buy the upgrade today… how it keeps asking me for the trial content. and when I tell it stop asking me, it still appears in the all instruments list. Halion Trial Content.
Anyone knows how to remove it from there?


rant on.
I am so pissed at myself for buying this…everytime I buy a new steinberg product it is a new set of headaches and by now I should know this, I really need to stop. in Kontakt, if you want to remove a library guess what?
You remove the library. no gymnastics…why is it that Steinberg products can’t work that easily and intuitively…


rant off.

ok figured it out and wanted to post solution just in case future generations (:)) need it…
in the roaming user folder where nuendo and steinberg keeps its preferences, in the halion folders you have to delete their mediabay3 and scanned folder3.bin folders and halion will rebuild it, without the trial content.

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