How Do You Route MIDI To A Plugin?

I’m honestly not sure if I’ve been doing this all along or not because all this routing stuff confuses the hell out of me.

I want to get Antares Harmonizer but this is what it says on the web site about this plugin.

“Harmony Engine’s MIDI functions require that your host allow routing of MIDI to plug-ins. If your host application does not support the routing of MIDI to plug-ins, Harmony Engine’s MIDI functions will not operate (and trust us, you will be seriously bummed).”

Can Cubase 7 do this?

How do you do this in Cubase 7?

I don’t want to spend $250 on this plugin and find out that I can’t use it.

Please respond with as detailed an answer as possible because I am still new to Cubase 7.

You do it the same way, you route MIDI anywhere else - with the output routing. Works, if the plugin provides an input.
You can always download the demo…

You should definitely try the demo first assuming there is one. But also you should try the inbuilt harmony generator which uses vari-audio and the chord track… Probably a couple of YouTube vids would best tell you how to use that.


Okay, I don’t “route” MIDI to anything. This is what I do when I record a song in Cubase.

I go to Project - Add Track - Instrument. I then pull up the instrument I want whether HALion or East West or whatever.

I then play my MIDI keyboard and it makes sounds.

I’ve never tried routing MIDI to a plugin like a reverb or delay or eq or whatever.

Please understand, I am coming from a hard wired world and don’t understand this PC stuff. In the hard wired world I had Digitech Vocalist. I piugged my MIDI keyboard directly into it via a MIDI cable and controlled it that way while also having a MIC plugged into the XLR jack and singing.

That’s what I know. That’s what I understand. This routing of MIDI via software is foreign to me. So telling me I do it the way I do everything else doesn’t help me.

Try the chapter “recording MIDI” watch out for output routing (field), and it will immediately become clearer. And you’ ll learn a lot more…

Okay, will try that. By the way, just played around with vari audio on a sample vocal and it’s fine. I don’t need the plugin anymore. But knowing how to route things will still come in handy.

This learning curve is steep as heck.

You can set it up the using the same method the Pitch Correction plugin is set up in this tutorial: