How do you set different viewing placements in the mixer...

Lets say in the mixer window I have 100 tracks and can view 35 at any given time.

In Cubase 6 or 7…can’t remember which one, you could set viewing placements or markers(not to be confused with what “markers” actually means in cubase) so that I can flip through my mixer tracks very fast by setting a key command to where I could instantly see 1-35 or 36-71 or 72- 107 for example. This is all highly customization…but I’m not seeing where to do that in Cubase 8.

Right now I scroll through my tracks in the mixer window with the very bottom scroll bar. I would like to locate tracks a more efficient way like when I did with Cubase 6.

Any thoughts?


  1. You can use left and right zones to place some very specific, important channels there. These Channels are alway visible.

  2. You can use 2 different Mix Cosoles for 3 different Mix-view.

  3. You can use Visibility to Show/Hide channels.

  4. You can store own visibility Channels settings as a Configuration. Then, you can use your own KeyCommand to load these Configurations. You can call up to 8 Configurations via Key Commands.

  5. I’m always selecting the Channel in the Visibility list. This list has small font enough, so I can see lots of channels there. Once the Channel is selected in the Visibility, it’s also selected in the MixConsole, and the MixConsole scroll to the Channel itself.

Thank you :slight_smile:

But that doesn’t help me as I am always adding new tracks to my template as the session progresses. I don’t want to consistently be upgrading my configurations, I just want to scroll through my mixer with my keyboard.

Was I right in that Cubase 6 did work this way?

Also is there a key command for using the left to right scroll button at the bottom of the mixer window?

Not quite what you’re asking for, but still pretty quick, is press and hold “G” (zoom out), and in a moment all the tracks are visible in the mixer.

That plus a combination of using zones as mentioned above works ok.

Iirc, the arrow keys might also scroll. I keep forgetting to check that.

Regarding the Zoom Out, to be honest, if you are using bigger projects, the channels are not tiny enough in the MixConsole. So you have to scroll anyway.

this !
great functionality.