how do you shorten the ring of a chord track?

Is there a way in Cubase Pro 8 to get the chord track to play only a 1/16 instead of an entire note as a default setting.

I know you can edit the midi notes and slice it down to a 1/16, but can I set the default to play only an 1/8 or a 1/32 or something so when it plays it only plays for the default duration?


There’s no “default” way to do that, but if you insert a new chord, without defining it (i.e. leaving it as “X”), it will cut the previously-playing chord, so you could just insert undefined chords on the next sixteenth-note position.

I think it follows the quantize-to-grid settings when they’re linked to length.

Not the Chord events themselves… they play continually until the next chord event, apart from the final (defined) one, which plays till the end of the bar.

that should work. thanks.