How do you stretch the timeline?

All I did was move the mouse over the workspace and for some reason it shrunk the timeline. In other words, the 1 minute, 2 minute, 3 minute, etc bar is shrunk down so it’s made it very difficult to splice the music. I need to stretch it back out again. Hopefully someone knows what I’m trying to explain.

Sounds like you zoomed out by accident. This part of the manual explains how zooming works in Cubase, and how you can zoom in again:

The “ruler” mentioned here is the bar with numbers at the top of the project window.

Thank you SO MUCH! I’ve never played with the zoom function and never even noticed it up there. Funny thing is I was nowhere near that when all of a sudden as I moved the mouse the timeline kept shrinking and I couldn’t stop it. Really appreciate your help!

Using the keyboard G and H is an easier and better way to zoom in my opinion. I have always hated that feature where the mouse scroll makes it zoom as it always does it by accident. It also bugs the hell out of me the looping funtion that gets activated while trying to move the left and right locators with the mouse or while trying to set the cursor. Some of those features that I have never found useful but a hindrance.