How do you think about the processing that come with cubase

Do they deliver or do you go to 3party plugins and why.

processing plugins:


Thanks for the reply! :slight_smile:.

I use a lot of 3rd party mainly because I have spent the money over the years and I am a sucker for vintage emulations of hardware (Waves, UAD, etc.).

That being said, I do use the internal cubase plugins for tracking exclusively because they are the only ones I know won’t add any latency and are really easy on the CPU. And by tracking I mean mixes for monitors and rough mixes for overdubs. So I also use them for rough mixes and once and a while I will do demos with only stock plugins.

In general I find them to be very clean and just work the way they are supposed to. So lots of them do end up on final mixes too. The delays I actually always reach for them first since i prefer clean delays. Dynamics for side-chaining, limter for peak limiting, transient designer, multi-band comp, etc. They are just tools. For character I usually reach for the hardware emulating plugins but I do like Magneto and sometimes use the exciter plugin.

The VSTi’s I haven’t put through too much work since I bough into Komplete years ago and have grown with it. But from some slight playing around, I think I could make it work. Someday I really want to push the built-in plugins and do a production with only those.

Long story short, I wouldn’t be afraid of doing an album or final release with only Cubase plugs. I think you can go a long way with them if you know what you are doing.

pitch shifting in Cubase, hmmm not so good. For that I use Ableton Live instead

It’s a good ‘mangler’, take some Mystic weird patch and run pitch shift with weird settings, maybe even modulate it for some glitch effect.

BTW I do love the Prologue, Mystic, Spectors, Padshops

The synths are pretty good actually. I’ve got some nice sounds from Prologue. The EQ, I use pretty much 100% of the time because most digital EQ’s sound the same as far as I’m concerned and the stock EQ has all the functionality that I need for 90% of tasks. I don’t use that many of the other plugins -not necessarily because they are bad, but more because there are 3rd party plugs that I’m very used to working with.

Lots of UAD plugins here, very well complemented by stock plugins.

Delays, Chorus/Flanger, Stereo Enhancer, Mix6to2, Envelope Shaper + Magneto get a lot of use. Compressors + Gate for sidechain processing, Brickwall Limiter to catch intersample peaks. Since the channel EQ is so accessible from the mixer I use it pretty often and it’s really good for me as it does most tricks where no specific character is wanted - didn’t touch it much in previous versions.

It sounds terrible but I don’t use any of them. Mainly because I have gone for better solutions. Actually some of the Bundled stuff is quite good and I should try them more. I do use the synths and quite like them.

-delay = I use Fab Filter Timeless / Nomads Echoes / PSP Echo / UAD Tape Echo
-modulation = Audio Damage Fluid / Satin Flanging
-reverbs = Aether both of their main reverbs / UAD EMT Plate 140 / EMT 250 / Audio Damage Plate Reverb
-dynamics = UAD LA2A - 1176 - Fairchild - etc
-eq = Fab Filter Pro EQ -/ Maag EQ4 / NI Solid EQ
-filter = Fab Filter Volcano 2 / Cable Guy’s Filtershaper
-other = Ohmicide / Revalver / S-Gear / Amplitude
-mastering = UAD Precision series
-pitch = Actually I do use this - but not very often
-tools =???

UAD is the ultimate “must have” for DAW professionals, however I have also started using Scope and find DSP mixing far superior to DAW mixing.

That aside, Cubase is the best DAW on the planet for MIDI and probably multi-track recording/editing as well.

Does Scope really make such a difference compared to a powerful machine loaded with DSPs like UAD? Never seen anyone using it and somehow imagine it’s a bit tricky/makes things more complicated than neccessary :question:

Yes it does, the Dynamic Range has incresed massively as noted here:

I’m using UAD & Scope 5.1, loving it on 8.1 :slight_smile:

Haven’t got into using any of the plugins on the Scope side and only really got it for hardware mixing and synths of which the latter I will use at a later stage but for now it’s very nice.

How this would compare to using RME I have no idea. I do not know if there is even a hardware mixer on that platform but I’d be keen to give it a go however for now I’m enjoying the increase in dynamic range that only a hardware mixer can provide. I will never stop Cubase because of it’s sequencing ability and ease of use when it comes to programming MIDI.
Cubase & Scope.png

I forgot about Rotary.
Now THAT is a darn good Cubase plugin.

Mod Machine is useable when you just need to ‘move’ something around for a weird bit of time.

Some of the midi plugins are cool.

But yeah overall, the older legacy Cubase stuff seemed more interesting than the things we have now.