How do you use FL Studio as a sampler?

hi, bit of a long shot, but im having the same problem now with FL Studio 11, and wanting to use it as a VSTI in CUbase.

Normally previous versions of Flstudio prompted me to install it as VSTI upon installation, but this one did not, im currently on a mac, and using cubase 5.

Tried dropping the .dll fliles (both) into the vst plugin folder to no success, cubase does not see it.

Any thoughts on how to make FL Studio 11 work in this way with Cubase?

Aloha i,

I have never seen a .dll file that works on a Mac.

AFAIK .dll is a PC thang.

Good Luck!

What files are for a Mac then? I’ve never used a Mac myself before :slight_smile:

Not really sure.
Perhaps .vst on Mac? dunno.


Anyway, here are a couple/three threads on the topic.
No real answer that I could find but you might spot something.

Careful, one of them get really geeky.

Good Luck!