How Do You Use The New Help?

  • I searched for “Set Harp Pedals” and got no results.
  • I searched for “Harp Pedals” and got no results.
  • As a test, I searched for “Note Entry” and got no results.

I was always able to find things in the online help before, but clearly something I don’t understand has happened.


(I too dislike the new help)

You have to switch off the Search in Document Titles only before you specify your search text.


Thanks. It’s confusing because “Search in Document Titles Only” is a black square, but when you put your cursor there, it changes into a check.

They should make Check=ON and Blank=OFF. If they want to use Black and White for ON and OFF, they shouldn’t turn your cursor into a checkmark. Also, filters should be OFF by default.

I appreciate your help.

Yes and no. I do appreciate that as a minimum they recognise that I am using Pro 5.1. But that’s a pretty low bar!

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Good point. Maybe not all filters, but having that document title filter on by default is weird. How often would I search for the exact title someone used? :slight_smile:


This actually came up for me yesterday, I was wanting to read up on advanced tuplet entry, and after trying various keywords I even discovered I couldn’t find simply: tuplet

I thought there is no way that is possible! …then I noticed filters were on. Strange as I never enabled them.


Dorico’s (Steinberg’s) support and documentation are fantastic, but I think the new manual structure needs a few tweaks.

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I tried to look up something on my phone for the first time today. Rather difficult to find the online manual in the first place. Searched for “document titles only” by default. (What do I know about your document titles?) I eventually found some info, but I am adding my voice to say that the default behavior of the site is rather unhelpful, for a help site.


I find that bookmarking the manual for the version than one owns, and use the “search in document” field there, brings very fast to the desired search results:

I guess what’s happening here is that if you arrive at the help site by choosing Help > Dorico Help from the menus within Dorico, you are taken to a set of search results engineered to emulate as best we can the page you used to arrive at on the former site, namely a list of the relevant documents (the operation manual, the Quick Start guide, etc.). In order to tailor those search results so that only the documents themselves appear, the Search in document titles only option has to be enabled. But this isn’t helpful when you then go on to search.

I’ll discuss this again with the team working on the new help site. I’m confident that we will eventually get to an equilibrium where the real benefits of the new site (better search engine, the ability to see each page in context more easily, being able to search both the documentation and our support articles in one interface, etc. etc.) are able to be truly felt once we have solved these teething problems.


Thank you, Daniel. We appreciate your team’s great work and continued efforts to improve.


Being a novice, it’s good to know it’s not just me having difficulties w figuring things out via the help and other avenues

My assumption is usually that it’s a new and foreign world and I just need to find the right language for my searches

One thing I haven’t yet found is basics of using plugins etc, as in how to set up and make changes

It’s a great software btw and though I’m in it for the music I am enjoying learning it

Can we change the path (url) of the help->Dorico help
by default it open:*version_numbers_smtg~%25225.0%2522_%25225.1%2522&virtual-field=title_only&content-lang=en-US

And I want to have something like this:

Why I wanted this?
I use Dorico in english language but with swiss french keyboard selection… so it open the first url I obtain a mix of english and french. And when I do a search I optain this kind of things: