How do you write the direction (up/down) of the Mark Tree

Hi guys,
i don’t find a satisfying way to write the playing direction for Mark Tree in Dorico. In Sibelius i wrote something like this for “downward”:
or this if it goes up and down a couple of times.

But in Dorico i use the single line instrument. Just curious how others are writing this? Writing “up” or “down” seems not very elegant to me.
Thank you!

You might use the arpeggio down, IIRC.

Yes, i ended up with this:
I think it’s doing the job.
Thank you

Have you thought about changing the staff presentation to 5-line rather than single-line or have you specifically chosen single?

Whether on 5 lines or 1, I’ve generally written Mark Tree with just the wavy line extending over the desired duration – no notes.

No, i didn’t. Wasn’t sure about the impact on playback/expression maps (i’m using VSL) if i modify the pre-defined instrument.

Yes I’m not sure. I’ve created a kit of two mark trees so I can have one on the top space and one on the bottom. I’m just using the default sounds currently, though.

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I see, i will give it try, thanks!