How does bounce treat variaudio data ?

It seems on bouncing a track to itself - all the vari-audio data is lost rather than rendered.

For example, if I correct some vocal pitching all to nearest semitone, then bounce the track, the vocal is out of tune again.

I would have expected the pitch to be rendered in tune according to the vari-audio data, and then the vari-audio graphics would be no longer there.

What are others understanding of this ?

That´s how it actually does work.

you need to use Flatten Processing instead of bounce selection.

This…works exactly as expected using “Bounce Selection” and “Replace” which I assume is what you meant…just checked it to confirm no bug has crept in recently.

you need to use Flatten Processing instead of bounce selection.

Well this does also do the job but you don’t “need” to unless your bounce selection isn’t working…in which case you should probably investigate why that is.

While I was using 7.0.5 I had to make sure I flattened before I bounced or it wouldn’t remember my edits. I thought it was just a minor limitation that I had to work around. Are you saying that it should work both ways? Flatten and/or Bounce?

IIRC, there was a misfunction in one of the C7 releases, but yes, “bounce only” does work in C 7.05

i’m on 7.04

It’s not working for me.

I pitch audio after getting boxes segmented to 100%. so the final result should be 100% in tune right?

I bounce. All vari data is lost. but it should be in tune anyhow.

I reopen new bounced & replaced audio part, turn on vari pitch and get boxes showing it’s still out of tune???


I’m using the latest version 7.5.0 build 114 in 32 bit mode.

Is this a 64 bit only issue?

el profe

I just checked again in case any change with new version…after bounce the notes do not necessarily line up spot on to the grid but they are not as far out as the original.

So basically seems to be working though the variaudio analysis is still finding notes slightly out that it has supposedly quantised.

So you’re saying that it approximately tunes it 100% if you ask it to, but then upon doing a re-analysis, it finds fault with it’s last processing not being exact.

I also find that if you do things like this the audio starts getting messed up sounding (mangled) after repeated processing and bouncing of the same audio. Some note to note glitches start to appear upon repeated processing and flattening/bouncing. So it would be best to export/re-import I’m guessing. Though that takes a longer time to do, especially with the kind of numbers of times I have to do this with so many live tracks. Plus I have lots of bleeding since the mics are all open since it’s on stage and no direct boxes except for elec. bass and elec. guitar (2 out of 10 players of which some are doubling on various woodwinds)…

It would be nice to get a confirmation fro a mod on this. For most stuff, I get into the habit of copying and deactivating the copied track to retain the Variaudio info.

Good to be safe like that. I’ll remember that. I was doing that but stopped after track count was getting high before and save times were long. But perhaps that’s a better be safe than sorry approach. thanks! el profe

I’m using track versions for this now to have a backup of the raw track with the VariAudio data intact. Works great!