HOW does Cubase 11 work with a CPU?

I am just curious on how Cubase will work with various CPU’s and why some CPU’s are better than others. Will the the new Zen3+ CPUs perform better due to the V-Cache? Or will it matter?

Thank you

As far as I know there’s a lot that goes into how well a CPU performs, and it’ll depend on what you throw at it. It’s not always an easy answer. The only DAW specific test I’m aware of that has been used in a controlled environment with many CPUs at a time is “DAWbench”. On that test the top performers at least used to be the ones with a lot of cores. Common wisdom has been that a faster core is better than two slower cores, but clearly that isn’t always the case. And then you can add multithreading to that equation and it’s even more interesting to try to figure stuff out.

I would think that AMD’s stacked cache would benefit us since the bandwidth is really high and it’s a large cache.