How does Dorico treat changes of accidentals in chords?

In the attached example there are three chord created in Sibelius.
The first chord is what Sibelius creates by default using a MIDI keyboard.
The second chord is what happens if I try to change the spelling of the chord all at once - clearly illogical spelling.
The third chord is what I actually want.
Is it possible in Dorico to specify that any white note in a chord should remain unchanged when the black notes are changed?
accidental changes.JPG
P.S. Is there any way to make the attachment visible within the text?
Also is there a tutorial on using this site. I don’t find it very intuitive.

To respell only some of the notes in the chord, make sure you select only those notes: then you can choose Write > Respell > Respell using Note Name Above (shortcut Alt+=) or Respell using Note Name Below (shortcut Alt+-), which tries to maintain the relative interval between the selected notes of the chord as they are respelled. However, if you select all of the notes of the chord and respell the chord, then all of the notes will be respelled, even the ones that don’t have accidentals (of course! because otherwise how would you respell a note that doesn’t have an accidental…?).

This forum uses the phpBB software. You can probably find the information you’re looking for if you Google for it. It uses a mark-up language called “BBCode”, which is perhaps what you would like to know more about:

Well - if you could turn off white note changes for respelling chords it would cover most of the anomalies most of the time. Perhaps you could then select the white note individually that you did want to change.
Only my pennorth.

Is there any way to make the attachment visible within the text?

I looked this up on the website that Daniel pointed me to and was told:

Within the posting screen is a drop-down box (respectively a button) for placing attachments inline.

I tried this when I saw it, but nothing seemed to happen. I don’t know how to circumvent the message “Not downloaded yet”

Not really important, but it would be nice to know exactly how to do it.

Regarding inline image attachments, I get the same exact thing, Derek.
accidental changes.JPG
testing inline attachment.

  1. click the upload attachment tab below the body of the post
  2. Choose file button
  3. click add the file button
  4. click the place inline button
  5. Submit button

Shows as "Attachments with a link, and a message that says “not downloaded yet”

So, I don’t know using this method.
If you are referencing an image already posted to a website, you can use the IMG tag surrounding the image URL. The forum is finicky about the dimensions of the image etc, but this basically works:

I haven’t been able to figure out how to get image URLs from this forum to show inline using the above method, presumably because the URL syntax is not a direct file path (file.php?id=x):

A brief addendum to my query about respelling accidentals in chords.
if the accidental on E F B or C changes in a chord as well as other notes with sharps and flats I have to break my flow of MIDI input and respell the offending erstwhile white note. The alternative is to put in the whole passage and then try to remember which notes need changing. Time consuming and unnecessary if there could be a don’t change white notes option.

The small example below shows what I mean. Bar 2 is what I want. Note that the E natural should never change. Because I rarely use key signatures the default notes are OK in themselves.
accidentals in chords.JPG