How does HALion Sonic 2 think?

This post is prompted by my inability to get an answer from the current Forum posts. After months of flawless operation, I can no longer see or select instruments from the SE2 window. I followed the advice of several posts related to sound libraries, including uninstall/reinstall of SE2. The rest of my Cubase 8.5 works well.

The SE2 program interface sees all the instruments in the upper selection panel and I can see the number of instruments decreasing as I refine my selection. The panel below only shows blank rectangular slots which, by the way, decrease in number as I search but show no text. I have come to the conclusion that the selection panel points to a location which has a list of instruments but no instruments, whereas the panel below points to the actual vst instruments.

I wish I could see the search path SE2 uses to find VST instruments and the directory structure that needs to be in place. HS2 should have documentation that describes the search path used but I cannot find it. The program itself should have a path edit function so I can see where it is looking: the simple rescan button is not helping at all in this case. How does it find VST instruments? where does it expect to find them? Can I tell it to look in specific directories?

At this point, after 4 days of trying, I cannot use HS2 because I can no longer trouble shoot the problem. I have limited experience but I can usually find my way around. Please point me in the right direction!

The samples are stored in C:\Users{{username}}\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content\HALion\VST Sound
The presets are in C:\Users{{username}}\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound

This is assuming that you didn’t tick the option to install for all users during installation.

You’re supposed to uninstall and reinstall the Halion Sonic SE content (using the full Cubase Pro installer from your MySteinberg) along with the plugin. Did you do that? They’re separate entries on the Windows Control Panel uninstaller.

If that fails, you can try Halion Sonic SE3, which has a different preset browser based on the full version.
The latest version is included by default with Cubase 9.5. You can also download it from the Steinberg site by using the same email you used for your MySteinberg account, but you’ll have to update it manually.

Merci, Romantique!

Now I can see where the files are supposed to be. The rest of Cubase 8,5 works well.

Now, Halion SE work well, and so does Halion Sonic 2. I use HS2 as my main vst instrument. I can now select my instruments by using the ‘‘load preset’’ at the top, which takes me to media bay. That works well but is is a bit awkward as I am used to the nice selection window in HS2.

The top panel in HS2 seems to work well. I can sort through all 3924 choices of instrument and the list gets smaller as I refine my selection. The only thing I have left to resolve is this: I still cannot see the results of my selection in the panel below as I used to. This is very frustrating!

My question now is: where does the panel below look to find presets?

This is probably a simple thing for experienced users…which I am not.

Thanks for your help!


I wish I could insert a screenshot showing the HS2 Load panel with the blank preset results list …

I want to close the loop on this one.

I never did find out why HS2 stopped displaying the selection results in the lower part of the window. I ‘‘solved’’ the problem by updating to HS 3. It all works as it should.