How does he keeps on delivering things like this ?

67, and just released this gem :

I’m not objective in anyway about him, but still… And the lyrics are at the same level.

And I know what is the next CD to purchase…

Nice old film footage in this video.

Love the guitar tones! sounds like the amps are having a meltdown or something! :sunglasses:
And the song moves slowly forward with some kind of … dignity.
He’s been doing this for a while …

About the amps sound, I feel it exactly the same way : I don’t know what kind of gear or effects he is using but the result is something I really would like to have, at least, at disposal. Neither my my Zoom board, nor any amp sim is able to achieve this, AFAIK.

This one is about to stick in my mind forever, among a list of others, especially with the lyrics which (well, it’ kind of personal…) make me think about a couple of friends who split one year ago… These lyrics :

How many years now together
All those years of ups and downs
So many joys raising up those kids […]

So many times she tried
So many times she cried

Every morning comes the sun
And it goes rising to the day
Holding onto what they’ve done

She loves him so
She does what she has to…

He loves her so
He does what he needs to

make me think of them, all the mess done and the anger that comes with it…

Another side of this is that I’m wondering how he can still acheve such a song, after more than 40 years and 30 albums. I mean, I’m more than 15 years younger than him and, while having all the stuff needed, I feel like what is to be called inspiration, is slowly decaying. He is still at the top : guess that here is all the difference between real artists such as him and a laborious bedroom musician as me, putting aside the playing skill… I’m truely speechless, hearing this one.

To get a sound like that, you need a few gain-ups in line. I got a sound similar to this using an old old ibanez tube screamer into a rivera tube head into celestion 2x12 cabinet. The goal is to get the preamp stage of the amp to breakup before it normally would and eq the pre with a lot of lows/ low mids to get that level of breakup when played in the lower registers on the guitar while keeping the highs clean(er). Then drive the output into distortion for the rest. Jam a ND868 where the cone meets the cab and a ribbon or tube mic in front. The low frequency distortion is shaped different than the high frequency distortion. The tube screamer gets that gritty top and the amp gets the low-end. Lately I have been M/Sing with a lewilson 247 © U87 (S) and a nd868 up close. Oh, there is chorus on this guitar sound too, the one in the video. The sound you hear in the song isn’t necessarily the speaker getting ready to blow. It is most likely the amp itself that is driving it.

Well, that’s my thoughts. I’ve made that sound before, but didn’t keep it because its f-ed up! :laughing: I think you could create this with plugins too, but it would be much less organic.

Being from Toronto I’ve met him twice.

Once at music store (Long & McQuade) where he was just hanging out.

It was a Monday evening and business was a lil slow at that time and
it was like hanging with an old high school buddy; laid back and comfortable.

He told a few CSN&Y stories, plunked on a few different guitars and believe me
no matter which guitar he played that ‘sound’ of his was always there.

I truly believe guitar sound is mostly in the fingers and touch.


I was thinking he just plugged his 67 year old guitar into his 67 year old fender amp and turned it up, and then the pre-amp is probably overloaded a little too, right? Didn’t think he used a Tube Screamer, although I can see that you could get close to that using that route…

I probably seemed too enthusiastic about it but I just relistened to it and, well… the magic is still there. Will keep this one in a corner of my mind, no doubt. One of his best song since years, I believe.

Seems that this typical Mr Young sound is rather complicared to obtain, though, with very specific devices. I guess it could be achieved differently, but it’s interesting to have a precise description of a way to do so. Thanks.

So, Tube Screamer or not ? :mrgreen:

Otherwise, as Curteye said, it probably also have a lot to do with the owner of the hands playing…