How does one activate/register this product?

This should NOT be this tough.

At one time prior apparently I was successful in activating/registering my copy of Cubase 7. However, since rebuilding my computer and re-installing the OS (Windows 10) I can no longer get this to work.

I’ve downloaded the new ELicenser (which by the way… what the heck is that for??)
I’ve clicked on registered
I’ve entered the License Key

and all I get is this:

Your eLicenser with the number [number] was successfully registered.
Currently, there is no valid Steinberg product license found on this eLicenser.
No valid License found. The program will quite now
Applicaiton LCC2 exclusive has caused the following error
The applicaiton canot be started. Close all other application that use ELicensers and try again.

-Click OK to abort.

What the heck??? I should be using this application NOT fighting with it!!!

  1. What version of Cubase do you have? Full? Artist? Elements?

  2. Elicenser software update was installed correctly?

  3. Can you run the maintenance process on elicenser software (with your USB key connected)?

  4. Are you using an USB 3.0 port?

Cubase 7 Elements
How would I know if Elicenser software was installed correctly? What kind of question is that?
What do you mean running the maintenance process on Elicensor with a USB key connected? What’s that?
I’m not using a USB anything.

Againg… this SHOUD NOT be so difficult. What are the concise clear steps that need to be done?

Ok. Cubase elements. Forget about USB 3.0 and the maintenance process.

First of all, download and INSTALL elicenser software:

Now you need to reactivate your license (go to My Steinberg area):

See how it works:

See this video (it is for Cubase LE4, but the process is almost the same):

Good info by Makumbaria.
FYI, the Licence Control Center (eLicenser software) is the program that Steinberg software interfaces with to establish there is a valid license. That license itself is either on an external USB-key or on your computer’s HD. The latter is usually the case with Elements, and therefor this software needs to be reactivated when changing to a new or rebuilt computer. With a USB-key, only inserting it will be enough to run Steinberg software again - assuming the latest eLicenser software is also installed.

I completely agree that this should NOT be so bloody difficult to do.

I just bought Cubase Elements 7.
Everything installed no problem.
I tried to start it and found I had to register etc.

Went through all the processes and came up with the same results as above with messages saying:
“Your eLicenser with the number [number] was successfully registered.”
“Currently, there is no valid Steinberg product license found on this eLicenser.”

I followed the steps again mentioned in the posts above and I keep getting the same results! ie: The same messages.

This IS ridiculous!

I just keep going in the same circle.

Did you figure this out tdehan???

I got it figured out.
I read a thread where someone mentioned I should have the activation code on a “card” somewhere in my packaging.
So upon rechecking the box, sure enough there was another paper stuck to the inside of the box… it is the same width and length of the box so I suppose that’s why it was wedged in there… anyways, that’s the “card” with the Activation Code.

Once I entered that code… voila! Everything is up and running.

I really hate these elicenser things … but I’m really digging Cubase Elements 7!
Very happy with it so far!
Good job Steinberg!!!