How does one create a Title page?

I can’t seem to work out how to create a title page. How is this done?

From the Engrave window, you should see a “Pages” dialog on the top right. At the bottom of the dialog there’s an icon showing a page with a plus sign next to it. Click it to add a blank page (wherever you want in the score or part).

You should now have a blank page in front of you. Still in Engrave, over to the top left there’s a “Frames” dialog. Enable it, by dragging the slider to the right - so it’s blue rather than grey. Immediately underneath that you should see three different icons, each of which creates a different kind of frame. The first is for music, the second (which you’ll want) is for text, and the third is for graphics/images. Place these frames wherever you want them on the page, and either type into the text frames directly or use the various wildcards to display things like the Title and Composer info automatically. For example, {@flowTitle@} will give the Title, as presented in the Project Info dialog at the bottom of the file menu.

Thank you. Perfect answer!

Was wondering this myself too, thanks for the help!

I tried this but cant get the title (or other tokens) to read the project information UNLESS i put a music frame on the page…

I would like a BLANK music TITLE PAGE

Is THAT possible?


Are you inserting a Text frame?
Are you populating it with {@projectTitle@}, {@projectComposer@}, and other desired tokens to print the info you have input into File > Project Info… ?

yes Derrek
Like I said,
when I add a music frame to the blank page the project info is available in the tokens
Without a music frame the tokens do not populate with the project information

I wonder what I am missing? See the image

See image of blank page set up
Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 10.14.43 AM.png

As Derrek mentions above use {@projecttitle@} rather than {@Flowtitle@} . The Flow… tokens will change according to which flow is on the page… You can also type the text without tokens if that is more convenient.

Or, as Daniel told him, he can use the Pull-Down at the top of the Project Info menu to enter Flow Info instead of Project Info.

That doesn’t work for me. FLOW tokens only appear when a music flow is present on the page. To be fair I have so far only tried it on a blank page preceeding the first flow of music. Maybe it works on subsequent pages, but that it hardly where we put the title page :slight_smile:))

If one has more than one flow in a piece, you are right that it would be better to replace the flow tokens with the corresponding project tokens on the master pages (unless one wanted flow information to change on later pages–perhaps in an anthology).