How does one delete superfluous tuplet brackets or make them invisible?

I have a bottom staff with two voices, one of which consists of sextuplets that are cross-staffed; the top staff also has sextuplets, each of which contains only two notes. When in Engrave mode, under Bracket, only two choices are offered: “number only” and “number with bracket”. There is “no bracket” option. How can I delete one of the brackets or make it invisible? Thanks in advance.

Select the bracket itself, open the Properties panel, and set the ‘Bracket’ property to show no bracket, and set ‘Number’ to show no number, and that should do it.


Thanks for your quick reply, which solved the problem. But would you consider the possibility of adding an option to show nothing?

Dear Marc-André,
I find that in Engraving options > Tuplets, you already can choose to show no number and bracket only when necessary — with those two settings, you just would have to get rid of a few brackets in Engrave mode…


What we find under Engraving Options > Tuplets applies to an entire project, not to a specific beat or group of selected beats.