How does the layout selection work

Sorry but out really drives me crazy.
I looked at tutorial but again and again I dont get a clue how to get what I need.

I hav ethis 5 Player piece with a lot text frames in it and just want to show three c´voices with the text frames. But I have NO idea how this program works when it gets to this.
I selchet the players in th setup mode ,selected then in the right side at layouts… but still all players are shown.

This seems really illogical that really nothing happens.

What is the mistake?

Thank you

First select the layout you want to change on the right. Then, on the left, you’ll see the players selected that are currently in that layout, and you can uncheck the checkbox for those you don’t want. Depending on the complexity of the score, each change may take a few seconds, because the layout is recalculated (and often also shown in the middle).

If you mean you don’t see the number of staves changing in the central area of the window, perhaps that’s because you’re showing the full score layout or a layout that you haven’t changed.

The layout selector in the middle of the toolbar (at the top of the project window) lets you change which layout appears in the middle. Changing the players assigned to layouts in Setup mode doesn’t change the layout that appears in the middle.

Here’s the page in the German manual that describes the relationships between players, layouts, and flows with a screenshot of a project where the selected piano player isn’t included in the 2nd flow or the clarinet’s part layout on the right.

Thank you. It stays a secret.