How does the MIDI Remote show two identical controllers?

I use two identical MIDI controllers Faderfox PC12, they are identified correctly by Windos as two audio controllers.
In Cubase under Studio/Studio preferencies…/Midi-connection preferencies both PC12 are shown as well.
But when I try to create a new PC12-remote device using the new Cubase12-MIDI-Remote (fantastic) and try to assign the MIDI-In and -OUT, only ONE PC12 is shown - therefore I only can create ONE single controller-script.
Has Cubase problems to show multiple identical built devices as different devices?
Are there any experiences by other users with multiple identical controllers?
Thanks a lot for replies / advice. (I’m going to publish this in the german forum of Cubase as well).

Windows 10, Cubase 12 Pro, Midas M32R Digital Mixer (DN32 USB Soundinterface), Faderfox PC12 (2 devices), Doepfer LMK2+, Doepfer PK88, Arturia MatrixBrute

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C12 Pro (Win10) successfully identified my two (identical) Novation Launchpad Mini mk3s and assigned the correct Generic Remote scripts to them. Both are working in C12 exactly as in C11.

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Thanks @BaseCu! I found this as well, it is not Cubase, I’m sorry. It seems to be just in MIDI Remote (please see my edited topic)

@BaseCu If you try to create a MIDI Remote device and route it to the MIDI-Ins and OUTS, do both of your Launchpads appear or just one?

I fixed it: Studio > Studio Setup > MIDI Port Setup > check: Use Device ‘WinRT MIDI’ (this is to improve the handling of identical devices in Cubase). Now the controllers appear as different controllers (using different names, that is). Close Cubase, reopen it, then it should work.

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Hi, Lyhrus.
May I ask if they work as completely separate devices, meaning that you can for instance use one with the new scripts and have the scripts ignore the other one and use it perhaps with the old “Generic Device” settings or completely on its own without the scripts ever taking over?

Hi Mavck, I changed to Mac in the meantime because Apples IAC driver handles all these issues flawlessly. On my PC I never tried it out to handle the devices differently.

I am switching (back) to Macs soon, so just in case I ask again:
Can you have only one of the devices be recognized by the scripts or MIDI Remote and the other one be completely ignored?