How does the sidechain on 'Sweetspot Morphing Channel Strip' work?

Hi, I have just set-up a UR44 interface and am starting to work with the ‘Basic FX Suite’ on-board the unit. Very impressed so far. One thing I can’t find in the documentation or online searches so far, is how the sidechain on the compressor in the channel strip actually works. Unlike other compressors you don’t seem to be able to enable/disable it? Are the sidechain filter settings always applied, or is there a way of making it the whole simple frequency independent signal? If they are always on (seems odd?) then presumably to get close to a ‘normal’ compressor I should set Q as low as possible, set the Frequency at some mid value, and the Gain at 0? Thanks for any help anyone can offer! Cheers!

I am also looking for the same query.

Can someone please chime in? Old thread but instead of making another thread I will resurrect this one.

Finally digging into my UR 44 and had the same question.
Really disappointed that here on the Steinberg forum no mod has answered.
This is not the support level I expected buying your product.

This was the first question I googled, and surprised it’s not been addressed. (Just plugged in my new UR44C a few days ago.)

I’m actually used to the kind of sidechain in Logic Pro, which I most often use for ducking, e.g., using input from a vocal track to push a compressor on an instruments bus past its compressor threshold. But, the one here is used to allow control of how the compressor reacts to its input by targeting a narrow(er) part of the input spectrum. There’s a good article explaining that here:

P.S. You can effectively disable the sidechain by making sure the applied EQ is 0dB.

P.P.S. Yes, I agree the documentation for this software is really subpar.