How does the USER color scheme function Pro 9.5.10

I have a color Preference that is saved - (Project background, track colors etc).
It is named and saved (and Backed Up).

On opening a project:

Do I always have to go to "Cubase>Preferences>Color Schemes > and select my scheme?
OR Should Cubase be Remembering this scheme and always opening with the user color scheme?

I realise I can make my “Default” with these colors - but I need to clear this up:

I am having problems with color setups and want to get it sorted
Thanks Everyone!! (again)

Cubase should remember the last settings you made to the colors.

Thanks Steve.
ON the other hand: Balls. Well, good to know It is still not working correctly in 9.5.01. I have had so many issues with color schemes since 9.0.
I did a clean instal - so it’s becoming a bit tedious. I can always make it my “default. XML” I am a bit surprised, coming on board at 9.0, that these things were issues.


? I did not say that it’s not working. It is working correctly for me, though there are some issues.

Also, save yourself some time- there is almost never a purpose to reinstalling Cubase. The software is initialized by removing the prefs folder, not by reinstalling. The troubleshooting section at the Steinberg website explains in detail.
(Google troubleshooting cubase )

If that doesn’t inform your situation, you’ll have to be more specific about what exactly is not being recalled.

Yes - A much better option, will look it up. Though I did clean out all associated folders and files. But you are right: it took a long time.I have read a quite a few instances of similar problems. It better than 9, but still…