How enable transport control via Melodyne?

I’m editing in the Melodyne window (Melodyne editor version as track plugin). In former usage of Cubase, I seem to remember being able to kindof ‘remote control’ the Cubase transport from within the Melodyne window.

By this I mean … if I relocate the play cursor inside the melodyne window, the Cubase cursor will move with it. And the play cursor is located exactly where the cubase cursor is located at all times - which it isn’t at present for me.

How is this functionality enabled in this version of Cubase? Cubase 8, that is.
Is it perhaps using Rewire somehow?

thx for response

I dont think it is possible for a VST plugin to alter the transport - pretty sure it is not. Rewire is a different matter

I have never seen that ability but it sure would be nice!

I could be mistaken. I might be remembering Waves Tune, which uses Rewire for positioning like this.

And yes, that sure would be nice :slight_smile: It’s actually real nice on DAWs that’s got Celemony ARA support - like Sonar and Studio One etc. On those, double clicking the audio opens Melodyne imbedded in the program itself, like the audio editor. Even better than Variaudio with Elastique’s algorithms. God only knows if Cubase will ever reach up to implementing ARA support. And if they do, one can only speculate about how well they’ll make it work.