How get rid of the unnerving eternal "Welcome" forum message?

Each time I visit the Steinberg forums, Steinberg is forcing me to click away their totally unneccessary, unwanted and unnerving welcome message " Welcome to the new Steinberg Discourse Forums".
These forums are neither new any more, nor is this stupid welcome nonsense one tiny bit welcome to me. How do I get rid of this eternal clicking pest???

And while we are at it: I also don’t want to be asked to log in - EVER!!!

I’m really annoyed by these two stupid Steinberg stalking efforts meanwhile!

You don’t need to click it away if you log in.

I don’t understand the other thing. Are you saying you want to use the forum without logging in (you can), or something else?

If it’s that you want to log in once, and then not need to ever again, this is controlled by your browser security prefs.

If I don’t click the welcome message away, it will stay. I regard it as absolute nonsense either way. If Steinberg keeps something like this, which as far as I know, nobody needs, wants or likes, it should at best be a message vanishing within three seconds, without users having to click anything.

Concerning logging in: when I do a fast overview visit on the forum pages, there is no reason to be logged in at all, so asking me to log in makes zero sense. I log in, whenever I want to or have a reason (like posting), and again, this patronising nonsense, asking me to do things, is neither wanted nor needed. It is just annoying, nothing else.

Well, it’s here to stay, and not everyone can be pleased. I’ll just add that many users who hated it to start with, have posted that they started liking it once they understood how to work it, and what the advantages are.

I don’t know a single person using the forums, whomever I asked, who actually liked the never ending welcome message. Not one.
It was ok for the start of the new forums layout. Meanwhile it’s just a hilarious redundant remnant from the past somebody forgot to remove from my view.

And I’m really curious to learn about “the advantages” of either of the two messages.

If you like these patronising efforts and they stay, I will simply reduce my forum visits frequency, not to be bothered. No problem for me once I know this is seriously considered appropriate forum behavior by Steinberg. I visit enough forums not permanently stalking me in such childish ways.

Okay, do what you need to do.

That sounds like a great idea. If this type of thing gets you so worked up, I’d hate to be around you when real problems occur in your life.

Can you post an image of what you are talking about? I’m not seeing any messages on an on-going basis, and don’t recall seeing it when the forum switched - although if it just showed once I wouldn’t remember.

I think @steve is referring to folks warming up to the forum in general and not a specific message.

I think he means the message you get when you visit the forum and you are not logged in.

So he didn’t understand this I guess