how get to custom layout

I used Setup, highlighted first three flows.
In the righthand Layouts I chose custom layout and it had the first three flows ticked.
Now how do I change so that I only see those three flows? I don’t find this intuitive.

You’re trying to create a custom layout that contains three flows?

First, in the Layouts panel, create your new custom layout. Select it so that it’s bright blue: the flows should all show as being unselected, with their checkboxes unchecked (they look like empty squares at that point, perhaps unidentifiable as checkboxes since none are checked). Click on the checkbox in each flow you want to assign to the custom score layout, but don’t select the flow itself: just click inside its checkbox.

Once the flows that you want to be in the layout are checked, you should be able to choose your custom layout from the toolbar and view it.

This video explains this procedure very clearly.

Thanks Daniel. I hadn’t selected the players in the left hand list. Simple.