How good is Cubase?

Well - as a long term Sonar user I have to say it is absolutely amazing. So glad I made the transition. I’m actually enjoying making music again. :smiley:

Keep up the excellent work Steinberg! :slight_smile:

Nice to hear a positive .It is truly a great sequencer … welcome to Cubase and enjoy !!!

+1 and welcome!

It is good.

I have been using cubase since day one ,(over 20years) and i do use other daws if i,m working with other people .but cubase is by far my favorite .

Yes, welcome to the forum. I’ve been using Cubase for 11 years and it’s gone from strength to strength in that time. I occasionally use other DAWs, but Cubase is definitely the most powerful, and my favourite. A good forum as well :slight_smile:

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And I´ve checked many other nice DAW´s, but I´m very tired of eternal “DAW-Hopping”…
So now I decided to go with Cubase/Nuendo.

I used Cubase on the Atari so in some ways it feels like I’ve come home. Still working my way through the manual and various on-line resources. This is going to take time but I’m really impressed. The work flow especially seems really well thought through and efficient. Little things. Selecting a track, automatically arms it. Love it. :mrgreen:

The best day in my DAW-life was when Apple bought Logic and dropped PC support. One cross-grade later and I was happily using the very intuitive Cubase instead of the always counter-intuitive Logic. :smiley:

Does not compute. Sounds like they couldn’t have chosen a worse name!

I was pretty surprised that Apple bought them, since their user interface was as far from the Apple design aesthetic as you could get. Not long after they came out with Garage Band, so I assume they wanted the sound engine.

Your comment reminded me of the first soft-synth I ever got. It was a pre-plug-in standalone thing called Reality. The first line of their manual read “Thank you for buying Reality” which I always thought sounded like something from a Douglas Adams book.

…me too. When Logic dropped PC support, I looked at every DAW out there and Cubase, by far, is the best. I do use Pro Tools as well on an occasion, but Cubase is the best. It’s my home!

The Cubase software is usually very good. The support for it is… much less so.

I was seeking the same answer when looking to move 20 years of sequences form my Yamaha QY300 into a modern format. Stupidly, I’d saved everything (on the 720mb floppy disks) in QY format (rather than GM) so I needed a well equipped sequencer to be handle everything I needed to do. It’s been incredible to use!

I have heard it said (subjective, of course) that Cubase is better for Midi/VST instrument based recording and Pro Tools is better equipped for Studio (hence the supposed ‘industry standard’), but I’ve found no fault with Cubase on the audio side of recording. They both record at the same quality and the C7 interface is constantly evolving its usability.

I’ve not used Pro Tools, so I can’t comment on the usability, but as for the ‘industry standard’ moniker I’d equate it to companies continuing to use PC’s & MS Office rather than Macs, simply because they always have. There is no doubt that Macs aren’t inferior - but there are probably still more PC’s (don’t quote me though- just an analogy!) which then could identify them as ‘industry standard’.

Obviously Studios still have to consider the ability to transfer their recordings to other venues, hence compatibility and familiarity is a need, but it’s not a primary question of ‘quality’.

I’ve used Logic from ver 5 on Pc to 9 on Mac…Sonar from Cakewalk Pro to Sonar X2 and C7 really is my no. 1 choice now. Wouldn’t go back to any other DAW!
There are some bugs to be worked out still but C7 is extremely powerful!!


I have the same feeling and experience. The WOW factor is BIG over here!
A lot has happen since Cubase 4, 5 even 6.5.

The Audio engine. glitch free environment, Tight MIDI and all MIDI integration and functions, the new Mixer and meter view that cost more then entirely Cubase & Nuendo together, + all color options, use of Icons , VST3 support, was a deal breaker for me.

The rest is just bonus! Sure there are some small bugs, “no show stopper” but that don’t stop me from smiling all day long in the studio. Cubase 7 just WORK! :wink:
And together with all CMC-controllers, Cubase 7 x64 just work like a dream. :smiley:

Best Regards

Up Cubase!

Yes it really is that good!

If I had to choose between Cubase and the wife … well … OK I guess I’d choose the wife (you never know if she’ll read this) :open_mouth:

OK it makes lousy coffee and it’s useless as a shoehorn, but for a DAW - can’t be beat.

Haha comparing a wife to DAW… no doubt Daws are more useful.

i remember sinfeald episode where George suggested “seven” as a name for a new born…
some fanatic cubase user can name thier child “cubase seven” ? (hopefuly baby with no bugs" :ugeek: )!!